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01-000262 2005/03/17 Phase-1 SEH Computertechnik GmbH DE PS03 ps4_firmware-IPv6.6 Host New
01-000263 2005/03/17 Phase-1 Tsinghua Unisplendour Bitway Networking Technology Co., Ltd CN BitEngine12000 BWOS 3.0 Router New
01-000264 2005/03/22 Phase-1 Electronics For Imaging, Inc. US EFI Linux 1.2 20050112 Host New
01-000265 2005/03/22 Phase-1 Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. JP BB-HCM110, KX-HCM110A 1.10 BB-HCM110, KX-HCM110A 1.40 Host New
01-000266 2005/03/22 Phase-1 Matsushita Electric Works, Ltd. JP EMIT Mansion GW 1.0 Special Device New
01-000267 2005/03/25 Phase-1 corega K.K. TW CG-BARPRO6 v1.0 Router New
01-000268 2005/03/25 Phase-1 Yokogawa JP JEHTI 1.0 Host New
01-000269 2005/03/29 Phase-1 Allied Telesyn Research Ltd NZ AT-9924T,AT-9924SP,AT-9924T/4SP 2.7.3 Router New
01-000270 2005/03/29 Phase-1 Allied Telesys KK JP CentreCOM 9924T,CentreCOM 9924SP,CentreCOM 9924T/4SP 2.7.3 Router New
01-000271 2005/11/29 Phase-1 LG Electronics (LG Soft India) KR KP3500 2.0 Host Update
01-000272 2005/04/27 Phase-1 Ricoh Co., Ltd. JP Ricoh LPUX IPv6 Stack Version 1.0 Host New
01-000273 2005/05/09 Phase-1 Yokogawa M&C Corporation. JP Portable Data Station XL100 0.3.0 Special Device New
01-000274 2005/05/09 Phase-1 OMRON JP MR304/MR404 Series Ver.1.10 Router New
01-000275 2005/05/09 Phase-1 kernel.org US Linux 2.6.11-rc2 Router New
01-000276 2005/05/09 Phase-1 kernel.org US Linux 2.6.11-rc2 Host New
01-000277 2005/05/12 Phase-1 NDHU-Leadtek TW BVP8882 600008 Host New
01-000278 2005/05/12 Phase-1 AMIT-CREDIT (Advanced Multimedia Internet Technology Inc. and Center for Research of E-life Digital Technology, NCKU) TW MGA120 R2.00a5w Router New
01-000279 2005/05/12 Phase-1 Harbour Networks Limit. CN PowerHammer P640 PowerHammer P320 PowerHammer P160 PowerHammer ESR80 PowerHammer ESR50 PowerHammer ESR20 BigHammer6813 BigHammer6808 BigHammer6805 BigHammer6802 NetHammer G908 NetHammer G708 NetHammer G704 HOS 2.2t Router New
01-000280 2005/05/12 Phase-1 AlaxalA Networks, Corp. JP AX7804S, AX7808S, AX7816S, AX7804R, AX7808R, AX7816R 9.1-/C AX7800S series(AX7804S, AX7808S, AX7816S), AX7800R series(AX7804R, AX7808R, AX7816R), AX5400S series(AX5402S, AX5404S), and AX7700R series(AX7702R) 9.4 Router New
01-000281 2005/05/31 Phase-1 LG Electronics KR STAREX-ARIEL 3.0 Host New
01-000282 2005/06/06 Phase-1 CHTTL(Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd., Telecommunication Laboratories) TW 6VCS v1.0 Host New
01-000283 2005/06/17 Phase-1 Digital China Networks Ltd. CN DCRS-7608, DCRS-7604, DCRS-6804, DCRS-5824GX, DCRS-5512GC, DCRS-5652S, DCRS-5628S, DCRS-5526S, DCR-2501, DCR-2509, DCR-2501V, DCR-2720, DCR-2708E, DCR-2716E DCNOS_V5- Router New
01-000284 2005/06/21 Phase-1 NCHU-SNPLAB(National Chung Hsing University-Switching and Network Processing Lab.) TW Xilinix Virtex-II PRO EDK6.3 Special Device New
01-000285 2005/06/27 Phase-1 Future Systems, Inc. KR SecuwayGate6000 FOS V3.0 Special Device New
01-000286 2005/06/27 Phase-1 Accton Technology Corporation TW Ethernet Switch Platform Galaxy1.2 - V0.0.4.5 Special Device New
01-000287 2005/06/30 Phase-1 Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. JP BB-HCS301, BB-HCS301A, BB-HCS301E, BB-HCS301CE 1.25 BB-HCS301, BB-HCS301A, BB-HCS301E, BB-HCS301CE 1.40 Host New
01-000288 2005/07/06 Phase-1 Future Systems, Inc. KR FG6000 V1.0 Special Device New
01-000289 2005/07/18 Phase-1 OMRON JP MR504 Series Ver.1.20b0 Router New
01-000290 2005/07/20 Phase-1 Infineon Technologies INDIA Pvt. Ltd. IN Amazon Broadband CPE Controller 1.5.20 Host New
01-000291 2005/08/17 Phase-1 Spectracom Corporation US NetClock 92xx 3.1.0 Host New
01-000292 2005/08/22 Phase-1 PIOLINK, Inc. KR PNLB1608 4.3.0 Router New
01-000293 2005/08/24 Phase-1 Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. JP BB-HCM100 1.27 BB-HCM100 1.40 Host New
01-000294 2005/08/30 Phase-1 MRV Communications, Inc. US MRV LX 1000 series, MRV LX 4000 series(LX4048 used for the tests), MRV LX 8000 series, MRV LX EM316LX series MRV IN-Reach V3.6.0 Host New
01-000295 2005/09/02 Phase-1 Mercury corporation KR RUSH-1000W 3.0 Router New
01-000296 2005/09/02 Phase-1 Mercury corporation KR RUSH-1004W 3.0 Router New
01-000297 2005/09/02 Phase-1 Beijing Jiaxun Feihong Network-Tech Co.,Ltd. CN FHR2621 v1.0 Router New
01-000298 2005/09/22 Phase-1 GCS Global Communication & Services GmbH AT Open DVB Gateway (ODG) 1.0 Router New
01-000299 2005/11/25 Phase-1 Brother Industries, Ltd. JP HL-5270DN series 1.04 Host Update
01-000300 2005/09/26 Phase-1 Ruijie Networks Ltd. CN RG-S8600 series RG-S6810E RG-S6806E RG-S6506 RG-S4909 RG-S3760-48 RG-S3760-12SFP/GT RG-S3750 series RG-S3550 series RGNOS 2.41 Router New
01-000301 2005/09/28 Phase-1 SEH Computertechnik GmbH DE PS26 eh6-3 Host New
01-000302 2005/09/28 Phase-1 InfoWeapons Corporation PH VeeSix DNS 1.0 SolidDNS 1.0 1.0 Special Device New
01-000303 2005/10/12 Phase-1 Fsas Technologies Inc. JP GeoStream Si-R 170/220B/260/370/570 V30.00 Si-R 170/220B/260/370/570 V30.00 Router New
01-000304 2005/11/22 Phase-1 OMRON JP MR604 Series Ver.1.00b21 Router New
01-000305 2005/11/24 Phase-1 Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. JP BB-HCM381CN 1.28cn Host New
01-000306 2005/12/01 Phase-1 ALAXALA Networks JP AX2000R series 8.3.U Router New
01-000307 2005/12/01 Phase-1 ALAXALA Networks JP AX3600S series 10.0 AX3600S series 10.6 Router New
01-000308 2005/12/09 Phase-1 Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. JP BB-HCE481, BB-HCE481A, BB-HCE481CE 1.29 Host New
01-000309 2005/12/09 Phase-1 Future Systems, Inc. KR IPv6 Home Gateway V1.0 Host New
01-000310 2005/12/14 Phase-1 NEC Corporation JP IP8800/S400 series(IP8800/S401, IP8800/S402, IP8800/S403), IP8800/R400 series(IP8800/R401, IP8800/R402, IP8800/R403), IP8800/S300 series(IP8800/S301, IP8800/S302) 9.4 (Update), 9.1-/C (Original) Router New
01-000311 2005/12/14 Phase-1 Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd. JP BB-HCM311CN, BB-HCM331CN 1.28CN Host New
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