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02-C-001670 2017/12/18 Phase-2 Core Protocols New H3C Technologies Co., Ltd. CN H3C S6800-54HF Comware V7.1 Router 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
02-C-001669 2017/12/17 Phase-2 Core Protocols Dell EMC US Dell EMC Storage Center V7.2.10 Host 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
02-C-001668 2017/12/17 Phase-2 Core Protocols Dell EMC US Dell EMC Storage Center V7.2.10 Host 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
02-C-001667 2017/12/16 Phase-2 Core Protocols HP Inc. IN HP LaserJet MFP M29w 20170927 Host 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
02-C-001666 2017/12/10 Phase-2 Core Protocols Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Company US Aruba 2540 48G 4SFP+ Switch YC.16.03.0004 Router 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
02-E-000128 2017/12/10 Phase-2 CE Router D-Link TW DIR-868L 2.00 Router 1.0.1 1.0.2 New
02-C-001665 2017/12/10 Phase-2 Core Protocols Cisco Systems Inc. US ISR 4221 16.4.2 Router 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
02-C-001664 2017/12/10 Phase-2 Core Protocols Concurrent Real-Time, Inc. US RedHawk Linux real-time operating system 7.2 Host 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
02-C-001663 2017/12/09 Phase-2 Core Protocols HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. CN CE8860, CE8850 V200R003 CE 8850-32CQ-EI, CE 8860-4C-EI V200R003 Router 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
02-C-001662 2017/12/03 Phase-2 Core Protocols Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Company US Aruba 2930F, Aruba 2930M WC.16.03.0004 Router 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
02-C-001661 2017/11/29 Phase-2 Core Protocols ZTE Corporation Co.,Ltd CN ZXR10 M6000-3S, ZXR10 M6000-5S, ZXR10 M6000-8S, ZXR10 M6000-8S Plus and ZXR10 M6000-18S V3.00.20 Router 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
02-C-001660 2017/11/27 Phase-2 Core Protocols RICOH Co., Ltd. JP PS-Type-D Version 1.0 Host 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
02-C-001659 2017/11/18 Phase-2 Core Protocols ZTE Corporation Co.,Ltd CN ZXR10 160, ZXR10 1800-2E, ZXR10 2800-3E V3.00.40 Router 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
02-C-001658 2017/11/18 Phase-2 Core Protocols ZTE Corporation Co.,Ltd CN ZXR10 6800-8E, ZXR10 6800-4E V3.00.30 Router 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
02-C-001657 2017/11/09 Phase-2 Core Protocols Apple Inc. US macOS 10.13 Host 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
02-C-001656 2017/11/06 Phase-2 Core Protocols tp-link CN TL-WR802N,TL-WR810N,TL-WR902AC,TL-WR840N,TL-WR841N,TL-WR841HP,TL-WR845N,Archer C55,Archer C20,Archer C2,Archer C50,TL-WR842N 2.6.36 Router V4.0.7 V4.0.4 New
02-C-001655 2017/11/03 Phase-2 Core Protocols Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Company US Aruba 5406R zl2 Switch, Aruba 3810M Switch KB.16.02.0018 Router 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
02-C-001654 2017/10/22 Phase-2 Core Protocols Dell EMC US Unity 350/450/550/650 Host 4.0.6 4.0.4 New
02-C-001653 2017/10/22 Phase-2 Core Protocols Microchip Technology Inc. US Harmony TCPIP IPv4 IPv6 Stack v2.04 Host 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
02-C-001652 2017/10/18 Phase-2 Core Protocols Fujitsu Limited JP IPCOM EX2 Series Software V01 Router 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
02-C-001651 2017/10/18 Phase-2 Core Protocols Yamaha Corporation JP Giga Access VPN Router RTX830 15.02.01 Router 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
02-C-001650 2017/10/17 Phase-2 Core Protocols Mellanox US SN2740, SN2700, SN2700B, SN2100,SN2010, SN2100B, SN2410, SN2410B, SX1036, SX1024, SX1024(52), SX1016, SX1012, SX1012X, SX1410, SX1710, MCS7520, MCS7510, MCS7500, MSX1024, MSX1024(52), MSX1400, MSX1012, MSX1012X, MSX6012F, MSX6012F-2BRS-WT, MSX6012T, MSX1016, MTX6000, MTX6100, MTX6240, MTX6280, MSX6720, MSX1710, MSX6710, SX1018HP, SX648311-B21, SX90Y3474, SX90Y3452, SH2200, MSX6506, MSX6512, MSX6518, MSX6536, MSX1036, MSX6036F, MSX6036G, MSX6036S, MSX6036T, MSB7700, MSB7780, MSB7800, MSX6018F, MSX6018F-2BFS-WT, MSX6018T 3.6.4522 Host 4.0.6 4.0.4 New
02-C-001649 2017/10/12 Phase-2 Core Protocols Axis Communications US AXIS Companion Bullet LE, AXIS Companion Cube L, AXIS Companion Cube LW, AXIS Companion Dome V, AXIS Companion Dome WV, AXIS Companion Eye L, AXIS Companion Eye LVE, AXIS M1045-LW, AXIS M1065-L, AXIS M1065-LW, AXIS M2025-LE, AXIS M2026-LE, AXIS M2026-LE Mk II, AXIS M3044-V, AXIS M3044-W, AXIS M3045-V, AXIS M3045-W, AXIS M3046-V, AXIS M3104-L, AXIS M3104-VE, AXIS M3105-L, AXIS M3105-LVE, AXIS M3106-L, AXIS M3106-LVE, AXIS M3106-L Mk II, AXIS M3106-LVE Mk II, AXIS P1364, AXIS P1364-E, AXIS P1365 Mk II, AXIS P1365-E Mk II, AXIS P1405-LE Mk II, AXIS P1425-LE Mk II, AXIS P1435-E, AXIS P1435-LE, AXIS P5514, AXIS P5514-E, AXIS P5515, AXIS P5515-E, AXIS P5624-E Mk II, AXIS P5635-E Mk II, AXIS Q1775, AXIS Q1775-E, AXIS Q1941-E, AXIS Q1942-E, AXIS Q3615-VE, AXIS Q3617-VE, AXIS Q6052, AXIS Q6052-E, AXIS Q6054, AXIS Q6054-E, AXIS Q6054-E Mk II, AXIS Q6054 Mk II, AXIS Q6055, AXIS Q6055-C, AXIS Q6055-E, AXIS Q6055-S, AXIS Q6124-E, AXIS Q6155-E Firmware version 7.30 Host 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
02-CS-001646 2017/10/12 Phase-2 IPsec KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. US KYOCERA KN IPv6 Stack (L) 1.10 End-Node 1.11.0 1.11.0 New
02-C-001648 2017/10/06 Phase-2 Core Protocols Centre for Development of Telematics IN C-DOT Terabit Router (CRAT100,CRDT100) 1.0 Router 4.0.7 4.0.4 New
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