• 2014-03-19

    CE Router Logo is Launched!

    "Is Your CPE IPv6 Ready?"

    NEW: IPv6 Ready CE ROUTER Logo Program

    Tokyo/Boston/Luxembourg – March 19, 2014 – The IPv6 Forum and its worldwide organization the IPv6 Ready Logo Committee officially announces the launch of the Interoperability testing of the IPv6 Ready CE Router Logo Program.

    The IPv6 Forum has been running the IPv6 Ready Logo Program since 2003 when the Phase I Program was launched focusing on mainstream Interoperability. In 2005, the Phase II Program was kicked off moving to richer interoperability.

    Recently, this activity has been watched closely by the various standards and certification organizations including government certification authorities around the world. The number of tested and approved devices is strongly increasing. At the end of 2013, the number of Phase-II approved devices had exceeded 1000 tested and approved devices showing an exponential curve.

    The IPv6 Forum has recognized the need for the last mile interoperability testing of the highly diverse CE Router market to mature the offering and meet the new demand for higher quality IPv6 CPE products from the end users.

    The IPv6 Ready Logo Committee is an international Task Force chaired by Hiroshi Esaki, technically supported by Erica Johnson at UNH-IOL in the U.S. and Hiroshi Miyata of the TAHI organization in Japan.

    “IPv6 hits the last mile. So, get your CPE tested to speak v6 and refresh your end-user Internet access ! ” said Latif Ladid, IPv6 Forum President.

    “As IPv6 deployment in the home increases, it is essential for CE Router devices to conform to the standards and prove interoperability. The addition of this IPv6 Ready Logo will provide a higher level of confidence and reduce barriers for rolling out support for IPv6,” states Erica Johnson, Director, UNH-IOL, IPv6 Ready Logo Regional Officer, IPv6 Forum Fellow, USA

    “The IPv6 ready CE Router logo along with existing IPv6 ready logos delivers the seal of compliance and interoperability required for IPv6 enabled equipment. This newest logo breaks down that last barrier to IPv6 enablement in the home and enables to get equipment which can meet the need to seamless deployment of IPv6 in the home.” Says Yanick Pouffary General Chairperson for the IPv6 Logo Programs (Ready & Enabled & Education),

    “When we see the number of IPv6 Ready Logo winners, the winners increase constantly and even accelerate. This means the readiness of equipment is getting better, day-by-day. I expect and believe the launch of CE Router logo accelerate the deployment of IPv6 with professional quality.” states Hiroshi Esaki, Chairman of the IPv6 Logo Committee, and Executive Director of IPv6 Promotion Council Japan and Board member of WIDE Project.

    For further information, please contact each specific project coordinating team or visit their websites:

    IPv6 Ready CE ROUTER Program: http://www.ipv6ready.org

    The IPv6 test and conformance bodies and events building the backbone of this program are, but not limited to:

    University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab

    TAHI Test Event

    ETSI IPv6 Plugtest


    CHT-TL IPv6 Testing Lab (TAIWAN)


    BII (China)

    JATE (Japan)

    CableLabs (US)

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