The IPv6 Forum, a world-wide consortium, with a key focus to provide technical guidance for the deployment of IPv6, launched a single world-wide IPv6 Ready Logo Program (conformance and interoperability testing). The IPv6 Ready Logo Program is a conformance and interoperability testing program intended to increase user confidence by demonstrating that IPv6 is available now and ready to be used.

The IPv6 Forum has created the IPv6 Ready Logo Committee (v6LC), to manage the IPv6 Ready Logo Program. It comprises representatives from equipment vendors, service providers, academic institutions, IPv6 organizations, members from the Beijing Internet Institute BII (China), ChungHwa Telecom Labs CHT-TL (Taiwan), Criterion Network Labs CNLabs (India), IoT Lab(Europe), Telecommunication Engineering Center TEC (India), Telecommunication Technology Association TTA (Korea), and the University of New Hampshire InterOperability UNH-IOL (USA).

IPv6 Ready Logo Phase Series - Phase-1 (Concluded) and Phase-2

The IPv6 Ready Logo series of tests were progressively enriched, from a minimum coverage with Phase-1 to a more complete coverage with the Phase-2.

Products that can obtain the Phase-2 Logo

The IPv6 Ready Logo Committee is structured as follows

Approved Laboratories

IPv6 Ready Logo Approved Test Laboratory provides a service to vendors for obtaining the IPv6 Ready Logo.

Our Policy for Logo Usage

The IPv6 Forum assumes no responsibility for use of the IPv6 Ready Logo. The IPv6 Forum acknowledges that it received the necessary materials that a specific product and version number has complied with the IPv6 Ready Logo tests. Verification those tests took place on the date listed on the IPv6 Ready website.

The IPv6 Forum cannot and does not warrant that this information is current, accurate, or complete. The IPv6 Ready Logo database contains the names of companies who have qualified to use the IPv6 Ready Logo and those products for which samples have been evaluated. The IPv6 Forum and the IPv6 Ready Logo committee do not guarantee that all products that are listed on this website pass all tests, as these tests are not run on all equipment of the product lines listed on this website.

The IPv6 Forum provides all information "as is " and shall not be liable under any claim, tort, criminal law or otherwise, for any and all loss, cost, charge, claim, demand, fee, expense, or damage of every nature and kind arising out of, connected with, resulting from or sustained as a result of the IPv6 Ready Logo Program or the information contained on the IPv6 Ready website. In no event shall the IPv6 Forum, the IPv6 Ready Logo Committee or any associated laboratory be liable for special, direct, indirect, or consequential damages, losses, costs, charges, claims, demands, fees or expenses of any nature or kind.