Outline to obtain the Phase-1 Logo

The process for obtaining the IPv6 Ready Logo (Phase-1 or Phase-2) is basically the same. The tested product needs to pass 100% each of the appropriate conformance and interoperability test assertions.
  1. Download the IPv6 Ready Logo Test Specification.
  2. Either download the self-testing tools and interoperability test scenarios and execute them against your product; or submit your product to one of the IPv6 Ready Logo approved laboratories for testing.
  3. Gather the complete test result log from either 1) the self-testing tool and interoperability test you conducted or 2) an IPv6 Ready testing laboratory. (If you are a participant of an interoperability test event, you may use the event test logs at the event as the interoperability test log )
  4. Fill out the Online Application Form and upload the test evidence(*1), and then submit them.
  5. You will receive an Application ID for an acknowledgement.
  6. The IPv6 Ready Logo Examiner on the IPv6 Ready Logo Technical Group will contact you in order to guide the examination process of your application.
  7. Examination will be started by the IPv6 Ready Logo Examiner. If the applicant does not get any response within 1 month (2 weeks for Phase-1), please send mail to ipv6ready-info@ipv6ready.org (English Only Please).
  8. After review by the IPv6 Ready Logo Technical Group, if the tested product passes 100% of the appropriate conformance and interoperability test assertions the IPv6 Forum Logo Committee assigns a Logo ID and authorize the usage of the IPv6 Ready Logo.
  9. Approved information of this application will be put on the approval website .
  10. To update the information of an approved product (i.e. version no.), please send the following information to v6-appli@ipv6ready.org . (For security reasons, we will email the original contact person as stated on the original application.) The new information will be subscribed to the database, only when confirmed.
    • Vendor name
    • Product name
    • Newest product information that you want to change
    • Logo ID

(*1) The test evidence should include the following items:
You are connected via IPv4. Your IP Address is
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