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02-C-000665 2011/10/11 Phase-2 Core Protocols Netcomm Limited AU NF1ADV 406 Router 4.0.6 4.0.4 New
02-C-000654 2013/07/10 Phase-2 Core Protocols Technicolor BE MediaAccess TG789vn,MediaAccess TG789vn v3,MediaAccess TG788vn,MediaAccess TG787,MediaAccess TG784n v3,MediaAccess TG784n,MediaAccess TG784,MediaAccess TG712,MediaAccess TG670,MediaAccess TG589vn v2,MediaAccess TG587n v3,MediaAccess TG582n,MediaAccess TG650,Technicolor TG589vn R10.2 Router 4.0.6 4.0.4 Update
02-C-000903 2013/01/24 Phase-2 Core Protocols Technicolor BE Technicolor MediaAccess TG799vn v2 5GHz Xtream,Technicolor MediaAccess TG799vn v2,Technicolor MediaAccess TG589vn v3,Technicolor MediaAccess TG789vn,Technicolor MediaAccess TG784n v3,Technicolor MediaAccess TG788Avn v2,Technicolor MediaAccess TG1700,Technicolor MediaAccess TG788vn v2,Technicolor MediaAccess TG789vn bonded,Technicolor MediaAccess TG788Avn,Technicolor MediaAccess TG589Bvn 5GHz Xtream,Technicolor MediaAccess TG789Bvn 5GHz Xtream,Technicolor MediaAccess TG546Bv R10.5.1 Router 4.0.6 4.0.4 New
02-C-001072 2013/09/24 Phase-2 Core Protocols Technicolor BE MediaAccess TG799vn v2 Xtream,MediaAccess TG589vn v3,MediaAccess TG788Avn v2,MediaAccess TG788vn v2,MediaAccess TG789vn Bonded,MediaAccess TG589Bvn Xtream,MediaAccess TG789Bvn Xtream,MediaAccess TG799vn v2,MediaAccess TG784n v3,MediaAccess TG789vn,MediaAccess TG788Avn,MediaAccess TG1700,MediaAccess TG1100,MediaAccess TG389,MediaAccess TG650,MediaAccess TG670,MediaAccess TG670s,MediaAccess TG650s single-pair,MediaAccess TG650s two-pair,MediaAccess TG670 v2,MediaAccess TG672 v2,MediaAccess TG799vn v2. R10.5.2 Router 4.0.6 4.0.4 New
02-C-001111 2013/12/11 Phase-2 Core Protocols Technicolor BE MeidaAccess TG784n v3,MeidaAccess TG789vn,MeidaAccess TG788(i)vn v2,MeidaAccess TG789v bonded,MeidaAccess TG1100,MeidaAccess TG588v "GE WAN",MeidaAccess TG588(i)v,MeidaAccess TG788A1(i)vn,MeidaAccess TG788(i)vn,MeidaAccess TG670(i),MeidaAccess TG670s,MeidaAccess TG789vn Business 10.5 MediaAccess TG784n v3, MediaAccess TG789vn, MediaAccess TG788vn v2, MediaAccess TG789vn bonded, MediaAccess TG1100, MediaAccess TG588v "GE WAN", MediaAccess TG588v, MediaAccess TG788A1vn, MediaAccess TG788vn, MediaAccess TG670, MediaAccess TG670s, MediaAccess TG789vn Business, MediaAccess TG799vn v2 Xtream, MediaAccess TG589Bvn Xtream, MediaAccess TG789Bvn Xtream, MediaAccess TG799vac, MediaAccess TG589vac, MediaAccess TG789vac, MediaAccess TG589Bvac Xtream, MediaAccess TG789Bvac Xtream 10.5 Router 4.0.6 4.0.4 New
02-C-000161 2006/09/11 Phase-2 Core Protocols Nortel CA Nortel Infinity UMT stack Infinity Release 1.2 Router New
02-C-000131 2005/11/30 Phase-2 Core Protocols Digital China Networks Ltd. CN DCRS-7608, DCRS-7604, DCRS-6804, DCRS-6804L, DCRS-5924G, DCRS-5824GX, DCRS-5512GC, DCRS-5652S, DCRS-5628S, DCRS-5526S, DCR-25xx, DCR-27xx DCNOS_V5- Router New
02-C-000156 2006/07/24 Phase-2 Core Protocols Huawei-3Com Technology Co., Ltd CN H3C SR8800 Series,H3C S9500 Series VRP 5.0 H3C SR8800 Series,H3C S9500 Series Comware V5 Router New
02-C-000158 2006/08/15 Phase-2 Core Protocols ZTE CORPORATION CN ZXR10 series router ROS V4.6 Router New
02-C-000159 2006/08/28 Phase-2 Core Protocols ZyXEL Communications Corp CN ZyWALL5/ZyALL5UTM, ZyWALL35/ZyALL35UTM, ZyWALL70/ZyALL70UTM, ZyWALL2Plus,ZyWALL1050 ZyNOS4.0 Router New
02-C-000166 2006/11/17 Phase-2 Core Protocols Digital China Networks Limited CN DCRS-5500 series, DCRS-5650 series, DCRS-5800 series, DCRS-5950 series,DCRS-6000 series, DCRS-6800 series, DCRS-7600 series, DCRS-8000 series, DCRS-9800 series, DCR-1780 series, DCR-2500 series, DCR-2680 series, DCR-2700 series, DCR-3680 series, DCR-6080 series, DCR-7880 series, DCR-8880 series, DCFW-1800 series DCNOS_V5- Router New
02-C-000169 2006/12/20 Phase-2 Core Protocols Infinite Shanghai Communication Terminals Ltd. CN NGI 8000 series IXP 1.3.0 Router New
02-C-000179 2007/03/12 Phase-2 Core Protocols Hangzhou Huawei-3Com Technology Co.,Ltd CN MSR Series, SR Series, S5500 Series, S5120 Series, S3610 Series, S7500E Series, S9500 Series,S5510 Series Comware V5.20 Router New
02-C-000204 2007/08/20 Phase-2 Core Protocols Ruijie Networks Ltd. CN RG-S8600,RG-S9600,RG-S7600,RG-S5750,RG-S3760 RGNOS 10.1 Router 3.8.10 2.8.4 New
02-C-000205 2007/09/05 Phase-2 Core Protocols HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CN Quidway NetEngine 5000E Quidway NetEngine 80E Quidway NetEngine 40E Quidway NetEngine 40E-4 Quidway NetEngine 80 Quidway NetEngine 40-8 Quidway NetEngine 40-4 Quidway NetEngine 40-2 Quidway NetEngine 16E Quidway NetEngine 16 Quidway NetEngine 08 Quidway NetEngine 05 Quidway NetEngine 20E-8 Quidway NetEngine 20-8 Quidway NetEngine 20-4 Quidway NetEngine 20-2 Quidway Multi-service Engine 60-16,Quidway Multi-service Engine 60-8, Quidway CX600-8 VRP 5.30 Router 3.8.10 2.8.4 New
02-C-000234 2008/02/19 Phase-2 Core Protocols ZTE Corporation CN ZXR10 T240G/T160G/T64G/T40G, ZXR10 8912/8908/8905/8902, ZXR10 6902/6905/6908, ZXR10 5928/5928-FI/5952/5228/5228-FI/5252, ZXR10 3928A/3928A-FI/3952A V4.8.01 Router 3.8.10 2.8.4 New
02-C-000243 2008/04/23 Phase-2 Core Protocols Beijing Jiaotong University CN BJTU Router V1.0 Router 3.8.10 2.8.4 New
02-C-000249 2008/05/08 Phase-2 Core Protocols Lenovo Networks(Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd CN iSpirit 8800 series Hyper OS 6.0.1 Router 3.8.10 2.8.4 New
02-C-000262 2008/06/16 Phase-2 Core Protocols Lenovo Networks(Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd CN iSpirit 5600 series Hyper OS 6.0.1 Router 3.8.10 2.8.4 New
02-C-000297 2008/09/25 Phase-2 Core Protocols Digital China Networks(Beijing) Co., Ltd. CN DCR-8800/7800/6000/3600/2600/1700Series, DCRS-9800/8000/7600/6800/6000/5900/5800/5600/5500/5200 series DCNOS_V5- Router 4.0.1 4.0.0 New
02-C-000304 2008/10/20 Phase-2 Core Protocols Maipu (Sichuan) Communication Technology Co., Ltd CN MyPower S4128F, MyPower S4152F sp41-g- Router 4.0.2 4.0.0 New
02-C-000311 2008/10/31 Phase-2 Core Protocols Maipu (Sichuan) Communication Technology Co., Ltd CN MyPower S6800-8, MyPower S6800-4 sp68-g- Router 4.0.2 4.0.0 New
02-C-000317 2008/11/18 Phase-2 Core Protocols Shanghai Baud Data Communication Co., Ltd. CN BDCOM 6800 Switch,BDCOM 7000 Router,BDCOM 7600 Router,BDCOM 8500 Switch BDROS1.3.3F Router 3.8.11 2.8.4 New
02-C-000321 2008/11/20 Phase-2 Core Protocols Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. CN Quidway S9300,Quidway S5300,Quidway S3300 VRPv5R5 Router 3.8.11 2.8.4 New
02-C-000340 2009/01/08 Phase-2 Core Protocols Freecomm Data Communication Co.,Ltd. CN FreeSwitch 6000 Switch, 7000 Switch, 8000 Switch FOS 1.0.1 Router 3.8.11 2.8.4 New
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